Lipnice nad Sazavou (or Lipnitz, Lipniz an der Sasau) is a village in the Vyso?ina Region of the Czech Republic. There is a notable 14th-century castle at Lipnice nad Sázavou. In the year 1800 it had about 1.200 inhabitants.

Mahler family and Lipnice

  1. 1801 Marie Mahler-Bondy (1801-1883) born in House Abraham Bondy. House No. 6. 
  2. 1826 Simon Mahler (1793-1865) moved to Lipnice without permission from the government.
  3. 1826 Simon Mahler (1793-1865) married Marie Mahler-Bondy (1801-1883).
  4. 1827 Bernard Mahler (1827-1889) born in House Simon Mahler. House No. 53.
  5. 1850 Matrimony legitimized 08-02-1850.
  6. 1865 Simon Mahler (1793-1865) died.
  7. 1883 Marie Mahler-Bondy (1801-1883) died.

House No. 6 and house No. 53 face each other.

City of Lipnice.

City of Lipnice.

City of Lipnice.

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