Richard Arnold (1845-1918).

  • Profession: Concertmaster New York Philharmonic Orchestra (NYPO/NPO), violinist.
  • Residences: Prussia, Leipzig, New York.
  • Relation to Mahler: Concertmaster in New York.
  • Correspondence with Mahler: Yes.
    • 00-00-0000, Year 
  • Born: 10-01-1845 Eilenberg, Germany.
  • Died: 21-06-1918 New York, America.
  • Buried: Kensico cemetery, Valhalla, New York, America.

New York Philharmonic Orchestra (NYPO/NPO):

  • Concertmaster 1885-1909
  • Philharmonic Member 1876-1909

German violinist Richard Arnold was an important leader of the Philharmonic both as musician and administrator. In addition to his duties as Concertmaster he was a Director of the Society from 1879-95, and Vice President from 1895-1918. Under his watch the Philharmonic made its seminal transition from self-governing organization to modern business administration in 1909 with a managing staff and board. It was at this time that Gustav Mahler was hired as Music Director, and it was with Richard Arnold that Mahler did much of his corresponding. Prior to his Philharmonic tenure, Arnold was a pupil of Ferdinand David in Leipzig after which came to the United States and accepted a position as first violinist in the Theodore Thomas Orchestra. 

He emigrated from Prussia to the United States in 1853, and later studied the violin in Leipzig. One of his first engagements was as a violinist in the Theodore Thomas Orchestra (1869-1876). He was later appointed concertmaster to the New York Philharmonic (1880-1909) and vice-president of the same orchestra (1909-1918).

Richard Arnold (1845-1918) grave.

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