House Emma Rose-Mahler

Kurthstrasse 14, Weimar.

Their apartment was pulled down after the death of Emma Marie Eleanor Rose-Mahler (1875-1933) to make way for the construction of the Gau Forum. 

The beginning of the construction of the Gauforum in Weimar occurred at the same time, perhaps coincidentally, with that of the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. However, the functions of both constructions doubtlessly arose from same mentality. Hitler himself decided the competition in favour of Hermann Giesler, whose design allegedly represented the character of Weimar strongly. However, Hitler added to the winning design: He assigned a bell tower to the “Building for the Reich Governor and Gau Leader” and committed with a sketch to an axially stressed, projected platform.

The design for the complete complex now included: In the east the meeting square for 20,000 called the “Halle der Volksgemeinschaft” (Hall of the People’s Community), in the west the “Gebäude der Deutschen Arbeitsfront” (Building of the German Work Front), in the south the „Gebäude des Reichsstatthalters und der Gauleitung” with the bell tower and in the north the “Gebäude der Gliederungen der Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP)” (Building of the Section of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party). “According to required revisions of fassade and roof,” the National Museum (Landesmuseum) was to be brought into compliance and therewith be given its natural definition according to the Reich’s standards.

Next address: Marienstrasse 16 (Eduard Rose only).

See the story of Eduard Rose (1859-1943) in World War II.

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