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Marie Mahler-Bondy
Born 1883
Gender ♀️ Female
Person ID 13492
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Spouses ( 1 )

Simon Mahler
Children ♂️ Adolf Mahler
♀️ Sofia Mahler
♀️ Barbara Mahler
♂️ David Mahler
♂️ Filip Mahler
♂️ Marek Mahler
♂️ Herschel (Herrmann) Mahler
♂️ Josef Mahler
♂️ Leopold Mahler
♂️ Bernhard Mahler

Spouses ( 2 )

Simon Mahler


Birth Entering into life.


Additional Information

Additional Info

Marie Mahler-Bondy (1801-1883).

Relation to Gustav Mahler (1860-1911): His grandmother (paternal)

  • Born: 00-00-1801 Lipnice, Bohemia (or 04-03-1805 Lipnice).
  • Father: Abraham Bondy (Born: 00-00-1767, Married: 16-08-1798, Died: 18-07-1843. Merchant in Lipnice. He had taverns in Lipnice and Kaliste. He was a so called 'Bestandsjude', a Jewish tenant of grounds or a tavern). Previous generation.
  • Mother: Anna Marie Maisel (from Ronov).
  • Sister: Teresie Bondy (Born: 00-00-1819, Married: 17-11-1849 to Josef Mahler (1820-1879, Lipnice), Died: 06-03-1891 Lipnice).
  • Brothers: 5 (Bondy).


  • 08-02-1850 Legalization of the marriage.
  • 14-07-1865 Her husband Simon Mahler (1793-1865) died. Maria Bondy is 60 at the time.
  • Havlickuv Brod: After the death of her husband she continues to live under the family name "Mameha" (matriarch). She was very fond of the surroundings and rebelled when the police wanted her to impose a penalty in connection with a trade license that had expired. For this, she went to the emperor personally, who forgave her. After this she was seen by the family as a hero. As she grew older, she could no longer work. She lived with her son Filip in Havlickuv Brod.

Grave Marie Mahler-Bondy (1801-1883). Humpolec, Bohemia.

Grave Marie Mahler-Bondy (1801-1883). Humpolec, Bohemia.

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