Gustav Mahler: A green composer 'In Mahler’s time, although industrialisation was in full swing, there was not yet a tangible
World map with all the locations visited by Gustav Mahler. The map also contains other Gustav Mahler related locations such as
More details were found of Gustav Mahlers baptismal ceremony in 1887 in Hamburg in the St. Michael's church small.
Mariss Jansons (1943-2019) died on Sunday 01-12-2019 in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Latest developments can be found in the Gustav Mahler legacy.  
Expected early 2020: All photos from the Gustav and Alma Mahler family photo albums. Help us identify everyone on the photos
Performances in Hong Kong and Amsterdam of the 1924 Willem Mengelberg (1871-1951) version of Symphony No. 10. 13-12-2019 Hong Kong: Symphony No.