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Environments (current situation; 12-10-2019)

  1. Published: Mahlerfoundation.info. To be closed.
  2. Published: Mahlerfoundation.org. To be closed.
  3. Unpublished: dev.mahlerfoundation.com - Called DEV - Not all content is here  - Only published when needed - Can be used for testing and demo - Workplace of the Web team. 
  4. Unpublished: Mahlerfoundation.com - Called PROD - All content is here - Back-up is on -  Will be published 24/7 - Five versions per article - Workplace of the Editorial team.

Migration strategy

  • We first migrate the settings needed and all of content from .info to .com (this can be done in portions if needed).
  • We first migrate to DEV.
  • We keep the .info site as it is (copying only, as a back-up).
  • Check: Versioning must work.
  • Check: Performance.
  • Testing: No difference between .info and .com. Except that the versioning is working on .com.
  • We migrate to PROD.
  • After testing we expand the menu structure to the New menu structure.
  • After testing we are going to add new functionality.
  • We later add the content from .org.

In progress

  • Backup strategy in place and tested. Auto notification when failed. (FA)
  • Representative DEV (versions, settings, modules, patches etc.). Dev has only a small number of test articles. It is not for back-up use. Sync may be done manual. (FA)
  • Notification to FA when PROD is down. (FA)
  • Autorisation BW for DEV. (FA)

Done (old to new)

  1. Go ahead from board, own servers. (FB)
  2. New menu structure. (FB and BW)
  3. Fix Mahlerfoundation.info.(FA)
  4. Creation of two environments DEV and PROD. (FA)
  5. Upgrade Mahlerfoundation.info. (BW)
  6. Extra backlog created. (BW)

Backlog (ranked by priority)

  1. Desciption of the backup strategy (who, what, when, how). (FA)
  2. Freeze .info.
  3. Migration .info to DEV. As is.
  4. Migration .info to PROD and publish. As is.
  5. Important requirement: Scaling on different divices. Special attention for the tables in the Section Discography. (FA)
  6. Select a template for Joomla/Gantry. (BW, FA and FB)
  7. Select a photo viewer (very high resolution). Phoca free version to complicated to use. (BW, FA an FB)
  8. Multi lingual layers. User can select a language. (Different editors, pilot with Dutch language, using the Mahler Foundation content). Pilot. (FA)
  9. Implement Google Analytics (keys). (FA)
  10. Tweeking for Google Search. (FA)
  11. SEO page optimizer for use by Editorial team and Web team. (FA)
  12. Implement Google Maps (to point to a specific location in a specific article). (FA)
  13. Social links integration (selection addresses through Commmunication of the Foundation). (BW, FA)
  14. Autorisation scheme in place. (BW, FA and FB)
  15. Implement broken link checker. (FA)
  16. Parameterize Gantry 5 (from a more artistic point of view).
  17. Freeze .org.
  18. Migration .org to DEV (small portion to test).
  19. Migration .org to PROD.
  20. App for users.
  21. App for users of the statistics (Web team, editors and board). Or a special page?
  22. Unpublish, delete and administrative termination of Mahlerfoundation.info. 
  23. Unpublish, delete and administrative termination of Mahlerfoundation.org.
  24. Testautomation (DEV and PROD) (low priority).

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