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  • Symphony No. 1 (European)
  • Time: 15:55
  • Duration: 01:30


  • Alto (instead of Alt)
  • America (instead of United States of America or USA).
  • Choir (instead of chorus)
  • Copyist (instead of Kopierer, kopist, kopiist, copier).
  • Hammer blow (instead of Hammerschlag)
  • Large hall (instead of main hall).
  • Luzern (instead of Lucerne).
  • Mezzo-soprano (instead of mezzosoprano or mezzo soprano)
  • New York (instead of New York City).
  • No. (instead of no).
  • Offstage (instead of off stage or off-stage).
  • Orchestration (instead of Instrumentation).
  • Quote single ' (instead of quote double ")
  • Retouches (instead of Retuschen, Retusche).
  • Schoenberg (instead of Schonberg or Schönberg).
  • Small hall (instead of Recital hall).
  • St Petersburg (in stead of St. Petersburg)
  • Symphony No. 1 (instead of Symphonie and Symfonie and adding "No.")
  • Tam tam (instead of tam-tam or tamtam).
  • theater (instead of Theatre).
  • the Netherlands (instead of Netherlands, Holland or Nederland).

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