Gustav Mahler aged almost 51.

138. 1911. New York. The last official portraits of Mahler in America. In January he led a performance of his own music, Symphony No. 4, for the last time. Then, on 21-02-1911, he conducted his final concert, which featured Italian music. With his health rapidly failing, he was forced to cancel the remaining 10 concerts in the season.

139. 1911. New York

140. 1911. New York

141. 1911. S.S. Amerika1911 Eastbound 08-04-1911 until 16-04-1911 S.S. Amerika. Gustav and Alma Mahler (1879-1964) with seamen and fellow passengers.

142. 1911. Mahler on board ship on April 8 making his final crossing from New York to Europe. These are the last known photographs of Mahler, who was critically ill.

Gustav Mahler died on 18-05-1911 at 23:07 in Vienna. He is only 50 years old.

Continuation: Gustav Mahler’s funeral.

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